The truth about the cervical cancer symptoms is that they are often misinterpreted because they are usually nonspecific. They could be mistaken for the symptoms of other conditions.

In other cases, the symptoms may not become visible until the later stages. This is why it is very important to have regular checkups.

Unusual bleeding as one of the symptoms of cervical cancer

cervical-cancer-symptomsIn the majority of the cases the first visible symptoms is unusual bleeding. Such a bleeding appears after sexual intercourse. If you see any other kind of bleeding besides your regular period, it is considered to be unusual.

It is also abnormal to notice bleeding after menopause. No matter what kind of unusual bleeding you have, you should contact your doctor.

Heavy discharge

Another one of the symptoms of cervical cancer is heavy discharge. It is possible for this discharge to have a foul smell, to be thick or watery or to have some mucus in it.

Naturally the characteristics of the discharge vary from one woman to the other. If you have any strange discharge, talk to your doctor.

Pelvic pain

This is one of the more unusual cervical cancer symptoms. You should get alarmed only in case it isn’t like the pain you experience before your period.

The women who already experienced it say that it could vary between dull and sharp pain that could last for hours. Also it could be mild or severe.

Pain while urinating

Such a pain could also be one of the symptoms of cervical cancer in case it is already in the advanced stages. The sign usually occurs when the cancer has already spread through the bladder.

Advanced cervical cancer

In case the cancer spreads through the entire cervix and affects the surrounding tissue as well, you could also have some other stages of cervical cancer symptoms. Such signs include constipation, leaking urine, blood in the urine, pain in the bones, changes in the bladder or bowel movements and swelling of the legs.

In the same time the symptoms of cervical cancer also include swelling of the kidneys. This could be caused by a buildup of urine that leads to pain in the lower back. Such a swelling is also called hydronephrosis. There are some other symptoms as well, like lack of appetite, lack of energy and tiredness and weight loss.

When to see a doctor

You may think that you have the cervical cancer symptoms if you see blood after sexual intercourse, between your periods or you are bleeding after menopause. We have to face the fact that this condition is pretty common and there are various causes.

Keep in mind regarding the symptoms of cervical cancer that they could be caused by some other conditions as well. This means that if you see these symptoms, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have cancer. You could have something that is easier to manage.

These are the cervical cancer symptoms that you have to keep an eye out for and talk to your doctor about.