Several young women today, some in their thirties and some even younger, have started to experience the early onset of hormone imbalance symptoms and their associated disorders.

Some of these symptoms are depression, extreme fatigue and weariness, allergies, endometriosis, hair loss and probably facial hair growth, PMS [PMS symptoms], osteoporosis and so on, and unfortunately, if the symptoms are ignored in the initial stages, then they can grow worse as time goes by.

The symptoms of hormone imbalance may be caused by a multitude of reasons, but the basic reason is that there is an incorrect relationship between progesterone and estrogen levels in the woman’s body.

These are the two hormones that must co exist peacefully in a perfect balance, and any variations and changes in this perfect balance will start to have a dramatic effect on the woman’s health, thereby causing the onset of the above mentioned symptoms.

Please remember; the amount of these hormones produced in a woman’s body can vary from one month to the next, because they are dependent on factors such as stress, nutrition or lack of it, exercise or lack of it, and ovulation, or lack of it. (Orchid Recovery Center)


When there is no ovulation, the production of progesterone from the ovaries does not happen, and as a direct result, the healthy accepted levels of progesterone start to decline.

This means that ovaries may not produce the eggs that have to be fertilized every month, and as a result, the estrogen levels start to increase. This is one of the main causes of hormone imbalance in a woman’s body.

Hormanal imbalance

Few other causes of hormonal imbalance in women:

  • Taking the Pill, a contraceptive and birth control medication, introduced during the 1960s. The Pill was made out of synthetic estrogen, and although it was declared as safe by the FDA, the fact that several women were dying was not taken into account. In addition to several other symptoms, the Pill caused lower progesterone levels, causing hormone imbalance in these unfortunate women.
  • Using hormone replacement therapy or HRT as it is commonly known. The HRT is a combination of synthetic progestins and progestogens, as well as estrogen, and usage of these pills causes a hormonal imbalance in women.
  • Too much of stress.
  • Poor diet.
  • Environmental reasons, including pollution, poisons.
  • Above average consumption of non organic and also animal products that have excessive amounts with estrogen.
  • Cosmetics.

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  1. hi .. i am a girl still i have many unwanted strong hairs in my body..pls help me..gve me some permanent solution for it because next year i am gonna marry.

    is it also hormonal inbalance or wat..pls suggest some affordable and permanent solutions

  2. hi, i am 25 yrs old and married for 2 yrs. i had never take pills for contraception..we were using physical barriers only..I m facing follwing problem:
    Frequent uriantion
    food cravings
    backpain, and
    cramps in lower abdomen

    i thought its pregancy but test came negative and doctor sayings its hormonal inbalance not pregnancy….cant understand whats happening….can u plz tell me.

  3. hi, i’m a 24 year old who still looks like a 10 year old, i’m very skinny with an androgynous look of a child. i suffer from bouts of depression and cant seem to gain weight. i dont know if this is a sign of hormonal imbalance or something else entirely but i’m fresh out of ideas.
    please help…

  4. from few months my periods are also not regular means they are for 3days only. is this bcoz of that harmonal disorder.

    i had taken lazer treatment for my chin last month they asked me to go for allopathy tablets aswell but i dnt want to go for allopathy i would like to go for homeopathy do. an u plz reccoment me the homeopathy dr for this harmonal problem at jabalpur

  5. Dear mam,
    i am having extreme problem of harmonal imbalance to such extent that my periods comes after 4 months,please suggest me some treatment,allopathy had’t not worked.

  6. Dear Mam,

    This is Triveni and 25 years old. i have 8 monthly old baby girl.we have observed swelling in one side of chest(Brest) and consulted a doctor. Doctor suggested its common in babies and need to worry at this stage we will check again after 3 months.

    Is Harmonial imbalce effect the growth of my baby at this stage?
    is this common in children at this stage?
    thanks for the information in Advance!

  7. I’m 21 yrs old. I lack self-confidence due to awkward hair on my upper lip! It appears as if I have a mustache but it is not hair, it is actually my skin. my friends told me that i looked like a guy. is there any way i can get rid of them? what would you recommend? please help. thanks.

  8. I am looking for a doctor that can help me with my hormonal imbalance and help me onto a path to recovery. Where do you recommend I find a doctor? I want someone who will listen and who is willing to look at my health issues beyond the normal medical perimeters. I have had too many doctors just turn me away as if it is my problem because they couldn’t fit my square peg into the medical round hole.

  9. Hi,
    I do understand what you must be going through because of Harmonal Imbalance.

    I too suffered a lot and now am fully back to my normal health.

    Before i can advice you how I got rid of this problem,
    Can you mail me the details.


  10. i am a 29 year old female. for some odd reason i have had two menstrals this month. going to the doctor on wednesday but they have already said that i have a hormone imbalance. is this so how can they know without looking at me?

  11. I am going to be 33 in 3 months. I have not had a menstrual cycle in two and a half months. I have mood swings really bad, i feel sick when i eat, my hands shake, my heart races and flutters, i pee alot, my hands shake and i feel bad when i am hot, and yet i am always cold. I am always thirsty, and i am not pregnant. I have no sex drive at all, and am not sure of what is wrong yet. I am going the end of the month for thyroid testing, and next month for papsmear. If not these i will be testing for pituatery gland problems. I feel as if i am going thru menopause, but not sure. My mother and grandmother have thyroid problems so I am thinking and hoping for this outcome as the other problems I really dont want to have. Any advise on foods or otc herbs that would help if i do have hormone problems such as pituatery or thyroid??

  12. im 24, female. i have headaches, nausea, dizzy spells, hot flashes, bloatedness, slight depression, very emotional, off and on acne break outs, cravings, on a regular basis. I was 13 days late on my period this month, took a preg test on my second late day and was negative. started 11 days later so ruled out being pregnant. 7 days after my period i started experiencing very sore breasts and swelling on my body along with all of the things listed above. i am very confused about whats going on with my body. i am always tired although i get 8 hours of sleep per night, i eat healthy and exercise regularly. what’s wrong with me?

  13. hello, im a 23 year old femelate& ive had symptoms of fatigue,night sweats,slight facial hair, irregular menstrual cycle(either skips or comes late),bad anxiety,worry,shaky hands,abnormally hard to deal with stress like i usually would be able to,intolerance to hold or cold,easy mood swings,insomnia,also i wake up out of my sleep alot,increase in appetite &sugar cravings,unusual allergy&sinus problems (i never had them before,foggy thinking and memory.

    ive been in the doctors office constantly they tested for my throid T1&T2 test & she said my thyroid is fine (im a steady 120lbs )she aslo said it could possibly be my hormones.they are about to run a lipid &cholesterol test,told me to take estrogen&eat soy products, and become active in exercise again (im in good shape)ran track in college since i was six, but i graduated &havent been running in 2 not as active anymore.she said to start working out they need to run an estrogen,progesterone,cortisol or hormone testing????

  14. Hello, I’m 26 and did not have my menses last month, not pregnant though, feel so worried. Previously, my menstrual cycle was irregular and the the doctor said it could be hormonal imbalance. Was on prolactin for sum time now. I’m so worried.

  15. Hello,I’m 47 and had first time a severe headache on my right side of my head every morning,and my blood lost for one month now,and i had operated from my thyroid for past few years now and i dont have medications ever since.I’m worried.

  16. Hello,

    I’m 25 married and did not have my period from last 2 month, not pregnant though, feel so worried. Previously, my menstrual cycle was irregular and the the doctor said it could be hormonal imbalance. Was on prolactin for sum time now. I’m so worried. so pls help me out

  17. I am 27 years old and had two periods last month, one at the beginning and one at the end. My cycles are usually very regular. I eat healthy, exercise, and take natural supplements, so I’m a bit confused as to what may be the problem. I also have had a bad case of acne along my jawline and forehead, and, of course, the nagging facial hairs that I have to pluck out about every other day. My period started yesterday, and it is a lot heavier than usual. What on earth am I doing wrong?

  18. Cici, if you had this problem for the first time, then it might be due to stress, insufficient sleep or other factors. Nothing to worry. Check the next period when it is coming and is it heavier. If it is also heavy, then you consult a gynecologist.

  19. hello, I am 30 yrs and i have depression problem since 8 yrs and i use tablets to control . I have 2 children with caeserian and family planning also done.both the caeserian i was anaemic and i had to take blood frm bloodbank and ibecame fat and doctor says this is because of harmonal imbalance in my body and have periods problem that means i wont get my periods on same date there will be 8 to 10 days increase

  20. dear mam i am suffering from idiopathic cyclical edema sndrome from last five years doctors suggest me for hystrectomy before 4 month i had gone through it also .still i am suffering with constipation ,edema on working,fatigue,backpain etc please help me apart from that one more thing i want to say when my bowels are clear i donot have any above mentioned symptoms

  21. Hello,

    I am worried that I may have a hormonal imbalance. Last time went to doctor which was almost 3yrs ago, doctor took blood test and told me my estrogen level was very low. was laid off from work and can’t afford to go back to the doctor. no health insurance. haven’t had my period since summer 2008. becoming very forgetful, confused, can’t concentrate or pay attention, depressed, occasional thoughts of suicide, i feel like i’m going crazy! i don’t know what to do!! begging for some help!!

  22. Hello, I am 47 years old. on my face and nake there are lots of moles are coming since last 4-5 years is it due to homonal imbalance Pl suggest what is remedy for that.

  23. hi mam

    i have hormonal imbalance by using tables also it is not that i am increasing weight what to do and white is also there before the period time after that i will get period what is solution.that is some thing politicoveries.and who to loss weight

  24. Hello mam
    this is vinita my age is 24 unmarried, I am suffering from my periods problem since 2-3 years, I have taken alopathy treatment for hormonal imbalance but no improvement, after that i went for ayurvedic and doctor suggess me harmonal assessment test but the report was very normal some minor problem with harmonals after 3 months when i finished my ayurvedic treatment periods was regular. But the major problem is that periods come only for one day within 3 to 4 months now i am taking homopathy treatment and the last period come in 4 jan 2010 4 months completd now i am worried please give me some suggesstions.

    1)How can i improve my problem
    2)what are the cause of late periods
    3)How can i found my main problem
    4)which treatment best for me
    5)any particular exercise for this.

    please mam give me right sugessions because 4 months crossed now i very worried.

  25. hello mam
    Hi im a female 36 yrs old my problem is losing weight , no sex drive loss of energy , headaches , lots of weight gain , pain in my legs and feet when i awake in the morning , what can i do , i have no insurance and have tried deiting and eating right .. and nothing i crave sweets all the time what can i do plz help

  26. Hi, I am 24 years having a problem of irregular periods i.e i have periods very soon that is i have only 22 -25 days gap and bleeding continuous till 15 days and i have only 8-10 days gap. As consulted with doctor it is harmonal problem pls suggest.

  27. Hi I am 22 years old and have had facial hair and acne since I was 12, facial hair is really bad have it on cheeks, chin, upper lip and side burns I feel like a hairy wolf it’s so embarrassing……could I have a hormonal imbalance or thyroid problems?? Please help I don’t have a doctor. Thanks

  28. I am of 21 yrs unmarried my problem is that i am not having periods for the last 6 mths last time it was because of the homeopathy medicines.I am having unwanted hairgrowth,i am very much worried.All the reports for hormones have come out normal.I have tried out homeopathy but no use.I am very much worried.Plz give me some solutions.

  29. Hi
    Iam 38 yrs old female having multiple issues like I am always fatigue, don’t have the feeling of rested even after sleeping for solid 8 hrs, severe facial hair growth, getting stressed out for little things. And to add to that I got my 2nd periods within the 13 days interval. Am I having the hormonal imbalance? I live in the U.S and my doc. doesn’t believe in this. Is there a treatment which can cure my problems? Pl. reply back to me at the earliest so that I can work on my issues. Thanks a lot.

  30. hello i’m 42 years old with low estrgen and thyroid problems (overactive) i have this really bad internal vibration for a good six months now that will not go away makes me very anxoius at time please help is the cause my thyroid or low estrogen. thank you.

  31. i m 18 yrs old.i am suffring from my period problem from 7 yrs.i have taken alopathy and homeopathy treatement but no improvment, doctors sugess me hormonal tests but the reports were normal.but the major problem is that my periods remains continuous for 15 days and some times a month also.
    i am much worried about this please give me sugesions.please reply back me at the earliest.

  32. i m 30 yrs old and unmarried.i am suffring from my period problem from 2 yrs.i have taken alopathy and homeopathy treatement but no improvment, doctors sugess me hormonal tests but the reports were normal.but the major problem is that my periods remains continuous for 15 days and some times a month also.
    i am much worried about this please give me sugesions.please reply back me at the earliest.

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