It may be a good idea to check yourself down there from time to time. In many cases women think about bump on vagina when they find something that isn’t right.

There is a lot that they could have in mind, like an STD or cancer, but it is also possible that you have something less serious.

Bump on Vagina

Cancer and vaginal bump

Even if this is the worst-case scenario that pops into your mind, you should know that vulvar cancer is very rare. It represents only 4% of all genital cancers and the good news is that it is treatable. Usually, white women are affected over the age of 50. Vulvar cancer is a kind of skin cancer that develops very slowly.

It could take years for the carcinomas to develop. This is why you shouldn’t freak out about a vaginal bump. If you find any precancerous changes, the condition can be easily addressed.

If you have this condition, you are supposed to see some bleeding after intercourse, changes in the color of the skin and a sore sensation in the genital area.

STD and vaginal bump

There are two distinct types of STDs that could lead to a bump on vagina: genital warts and herpes. Genital herpes usually causes lesions and sores, not bumps.

Normally these turn out to be burning, itchy and painful. The whole thing may look like a bug bite that later turns into a blister.

If you are thinking about vaginal bump and you suspect that you could have genital herpes, you should know that the blister opens and it will look like an ulcer.

You can be sure that you will know if you have genital herpes because of the discomfort and the pain that you will have to deal with.

On the other hand, there is another thing that could cause bump on vagina: genital warts. This is caused by the human papillomavirus. The bumps caused by the infection look something like cauliflowers and they can grow in number. You could get infected by genital contact or touching your genital area with fingers that have the virus.

In this case the vaginal bump can be found on the labia, on the cervix, inside the vagina or around the anus. Usually at the beginning they have a pink, brown or red color and they have the size of rice grains. Sometimes they don’t lead to pain and they can’t even be noticed. In other cases, they are painful and grow to larger sizes.

Other reasons for bump on vagina

One of the most likely scenarios is to have sebaceous cysts or epidermoid. These have a different look from herpes, warts or cancer. These look like round sacs that are located under the skin. Because of them, the skin could become yellowish or whitish. These sacs are filled with keratin.

Now you know more about bump on vagina and you can see that it could turn out to be harmless, but you should talk to your doctor about it.

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