There are many types of breast lumps in young women. Not all of them are cancerous. Most breast lumps can be divided into two categories, benign and cancerous or malignant. Breast lumps are caused by a variety of reasons and some of them can be hormonal changes during menstruation, hormonal changes with age like menopause and so on.

However, any abnormal changes in the breast or breast tissue should be immediately reported to a doctor just to be on the safe side, since in case the lump is cancerous, it can then be treated very early. The breast lumps types in young women are described below:

Breast Lump Types in Young Women

Benign Breast Lumps

A fibroadenoma and a breast cyst are the two most common types of breast lumps which are non-malignant.

A breast cyst is most common in women who take hormone replacement therapy for whatever reason but are yet to reach menopause. Like any other cyst, it is filled with fluid and appears in the form of a lump in the breast.

On the other hand, a fibroadenoma is a breast lump which is found in younger women, mainly in their twenties, and is caused by hormonal changes during sexual intercourse, reproduction and delivery.

Both these types of breast lumps are non-malignant and with time, they either stay as they are or even decrease and disappear in some cases. We often think that only if breast lumps show a change are they malignant. That is not necessarily true. Breast lumps must be checked on appearance itself, and not left until the last moment. Breast lumps which are benign or non-malignant must be either treated surgically, which is rare, or through medication, which is more common.

Malignant Breast Lumps

Phyllodes Tumor: This kind of tumor develops in the connective tissue of the mammary glands as opposed to various kinds of carcinoma. This is a very rare form of breast cancer, which is also manifested first in the form of lumps in the breast.

Angiosarcoma: This form of breast cancer is found in the cells which connect the blood vessels or lymph ducts of the breast. This too is a malignant form of cancer and quite common (quite common? It is one of the least common types) in young women. The lumps formed in this type of breast cancer are large and change color with time.

Increased awareness about this will help avoid serious problems and deaths.