Most women who are considering breast augmentation surgery know that there are certain risks involved in the procedure that uses implantation of artificial tissue into the breast to enhance shape and size of the female mammary glands.

However, recently the story about toxic implants being given to more than thirty thousand French women, has hit the headlines. This has caused a lot of worry and anxiety among women who have received implants that are of industrial grade silicon (used generally for electronics and computers) and not medical grade silicon. The worry is that these kinds of implants can lead to rupture and leakage of the toxic chemicals into the body; even leading to apprehension of breast cancer.

Breast Implant ScareSome two thousand women have filed complaints for the fact that inadequate casings could cause these problems of rupture and leakage.

There are reports about 4 women with the implants having gone on to have breast cancer, two of whom have died. However there is no evidence to show that it was the implants that caused the breast cancer.

Tens of thousands of w omen now say that the apprehension of the implants rupturing or leaking have made their life a living hell. The manufacturing company who provided these cheap implants is Poly Implant Prosthesis (PIP), based in the south of France, which is now under the scanner. There are reports of the implants being used in other parts of Europe and elsewhere as well, after being rebranded.

So if you’re considering breast augmentation surgery you should keep the following in mind:

  1. Get educated about the possible ramifications of implants if you plan to get pregnant and breast feed in the future.
  2. Thoroughly research what the possibilities of rupture or leakage are.
  3. Consider only board certified plastic surgeons with the proper training and qualifications. Then proceed to ask plenty of questions about the suitability of the procedure for you, the kind of implants that are proposed to be used, the type of surgery that will be used, the duration of recovery, and so on.
  4. Also ask about reversal procedures and about the dos and don’ts (restriction of certain activities) after the insertion of the implants.
  5. There are other issues connected with breast implants, such as breast tissue atrophy, the formation of scar tissue, likelihood of infection and its possible consequences to consider.

Also consider the changes in sensation that breast implant surgery could cause.