Yoga is a technique to heal the body naturally and this art of natural healing can help you carve out great body shape and eliminate many diseases. Yoga asanas are helpful in giving shape to your body as well as your breasts. Yoga asanas have the ability to make your body healthy and prevent ageing and therefore help in preventing sagging breasts.

As yoga is a natural healing method, it makes all the body parts move and exercise by giving a better shape overall, especially it can also work on perfect breast shape with enhanced cleavage. Here are a few asasnas to give you shapely good breasts.

yoga for good breast shape

Setu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose)

The meaning of Setu Bandhasana is construction of a bridge. ‘Setu’ means bridge, ‘bandha’ means lock and ‘asana’ means posture. This asana helps in opening of your chest and relaxing to build up your body. In this you have to lie on your back with your knees bent and feet together. Then you have to keep your arms on your side with the palm facing the ground. Now lift the hips towards the ceiling and keep your feet and palm flat on the floor.

Then maintaining this position of your body, you have to move your arms over your head. You can stay in this position for a minute, as much as your body permits and revert back to your original position. You can repeat if your body permits. You can take help of props such as a pillow.

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

The Cobra Pose is a great asana to enlarge the chest and reduce the waist as well. For this asana you have to lie on your belly, with your head resting on your folded arms. Then slowly lift your forehead and body with the weight on your chest and draw your arm backward with the palms on the ground.

Then continue to pull your arms back while lifting your body and let the weight of your body rest on your belly. Let your head fall a little backward. Then slowly come back to your original position and repeat again. This asana stretches your chest and helps in toning your breasts.

Utthita Trikonasasna (Triangle Pose)

The Triangle Pose asana helps in stretching your body and gives a sense of coordination and balance. You have to do it with some precision. You have to start with both your soles and your palm on the ground. Then move your left foot forward by two or three feet. Put your left hand beside your foot and raise your upper part until your back is straight. Stretch your leg which is in front without bending your back.

Look at the ground and breathe in and out quietly. Twist your upper body to the left and then stretch your right arm upward. Then move your head to the left and then look up towards your right arm. Now move back to your original position.

Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

This asana expands the chest and mobilizes the whole spine. You have to lie on your stomach with the arms on your side and your palms facing upward. Then bend your knees to bring your heels near your buttocks. Reach back and hold your ankles. Let you weight rest on your stomach and not on your pelvis. Keep breathing regularly and try to increase the stretching in the chest and the backward bow formation for a relaxed body, mind and good toned breasts.

Some other asanas which also help in achieving attractive breast shape are Virabhadrasana, Dwikonasana, Shirsasana etc. Along with massaging your breasts with moisturizer and vitamin E, these asanas help a lot in tightening and shaping your breasts.