Not everyone is satisfied with her natural breast size. But rather than feeling dissatisfied with it, you can change and improve the size. There are many surgical ways to increase the breast size but if you don’t want to go under the knife, you can opt for one of the natural ways to boost the size.

These natural methods are effective and do not have any negative side effects too. Yes, they may need time to show results but with a little patience and hardwork, you can begin to see a change in the size. The following are the most effective ways to increase your breast size naturally:

effective ways to increase your breast size naturallyDiet and Exercise

By following a balanced diet routine and by doing proper exercises, one can improve their breast size.  To improve the size, female needs to build her pectoral muscles and this can be done by doing chest presses, push-ups and pumping iron.  These exercises can improve the size, firmness as well as the perkiness of the breasts. Also, working on the back and the shoulder muscles is also a good way to see results.  Thin women must consider gaining weight to improve upon their breast size and this can be done by increasing their calorie intake moderately.

Give a Visual Boost to your Breasts

Sometimes, breasts may appear smaller than they are due to many reasons. To make your breasts appear the right size, you should practice a good posture.  A slumped or slouched posture does nothing to make the breasts look their natural size and must be avoided.  So make sure you always stand straight with your head and neck high and straight. Wearing the right bra size and fit is yet another trick that can help make the breasts appear larger or the size they actually are. You must also avoid wearing very thin or tight bras as they may make your breasts look unflattering.

Estrogen Therapy

Another natural way to increase your breast size is to go for estrogen therapy.  Estrogen is a female hormone which occurs naturally and one of the positive effects of taking its therapy results in the enlargement of the breasts.   Estrogen therapy is given through an estrogen patch, vaginal ring, a skin cream or a skin gel. Before opting for this therapy, make sure to consult a doctor.

Progesterone Therapy

Progesterone is another naturally occurring female hormone which can help to increase the size of the breasts. Progesterone is available in the form of many over the counter products which are often taken in combination with an oestrogen hormone as part of hormone replacement therapy. Do consult a doctor before starting this therapy.

Using Breast-Enlarging Herbs

There are many herbs and plants which can be taken to see a natural increase in the size of the breasts.  These prove very effective and don’t have any side effects as well. Some examples of these herbs include kava, fennel, fenugreek, saw palmetto, black cohosh, chaste tree berry and wild yam.