Having tuberous breasts or tubular breasts means that the breasts are narrow from top to bottom, just like a tube. Usually the skin of the breasts is tight, especially around the nipple.

It is possible for the areolae to be puffy, and so the breasts don’t look normal. This is a problem that can be resolved through surgery.

The cause of tubular breasts

This shape of the breasts is caused by a common congenital condition. We might even say that they didn’t develop the way they should have, and this could cause some problems when it comes to the main function of the breasts.

Problems with breastfeeding in case of tubular breasts

Tuberous BreastsIn case the breasts didn’t develop as they should have, the woman in question may not have enough milk glands that are needed in order to produce enough milk for a baby.

It is natural for the breasts of women to grow during pregnancy due to milk production.

In case of the tuberous breasts this doesn’t happen, and so after giving birth the woman in question will not have enough milk.

Is this your case?

In case you have tubular breasts there are some things you could do in order to make sure that you will have enough milk to feed the little one with. One of the things that you should do is to talk to a lactation consultant before you actually give birth.

In case of tuberous breasts it could also help to give birth without using the help of different kinds of medication. Although it may seem strange, another thing you could do is to place the little one to your breast right after giving birth.

You don’t need to have a schedule regarding nursing. Make sure that you feed the little one often and whenever the little one needs it.

If you are faced with having tubular breasts, you should start using the pump a few days after giving birth. Another thing that could help you is to sleep together with the baby. There are some external substances that you could use to increase milk production, such as blessed thistle, fenugreek or domperidone.

Having breast surgery

The majority of women with tuberous breasts never thought about having any kind of cosmetic surgery, but they do consider breast augmentation to make their breasts look better. Although the aesthetic look might change, you should know that the functions won’t.

Although you may think that you require a surgery just like any other, you should know that your case is a bit different. If you have tubular breasts it’s not enough to have some implants; the surgeon also has to release the tight skin of the breasts so that there will be enough space for the implants. This way the breasts will become round, and the protruding areolae can also be corrected this way.

If having tuberous breasts is a problem that you are faced with, you should consider augmentation, because you only have to gain from it, and your self-esteem will improve.