Tuberous breasts is a term which is use to describe unsymmetrical shape of breasts. Having irregular breasts is both embarrassing and disturbing for a female. Deform shapes of the breast can also result in loss of self confidence and a defined body shape. The distortion in the shape of the breasts is caused by insufficiency of the “milk producing cells” inside the breasts.

Tuberous Breasts

In medical terms the condition is known as hypoplasia, tuberous breasts or tubular breast syndrome. It further causes problems like the lower supply of milk or no milk. Such types of breasts are generally flat against the chest wall and appear like hanging sacks. The area of nipple and areola in this condition is usually swollen and bulges at the top. Following symptoms symbolizes the development of Tuberous breasts:-

1. Flat chest breasts: The females infected with tubular breast syndrome are generally flat against the chest wall and their breasts appears like empty hanging sacks. The infection can take place in single breast or both the breasts. And because of this it might quite be possible that the infected breast look flat and the uninfected looks normal. This is a clear indication of hypoplasia.

2. Swollen nipples: Females suffering from tubular breast syndrome have swollen nipples. The areola area in the breasts is enlarged in some cases and also shows a bulge on the tip. This usually causes severe soreness and uneasiness. Such symptoms clearly points out the occurrence of hypoplasia.

3. Far spacing in between breasts: Females suffering from tuberous breasts are spaced at abnormal distance from each other. They are at a noticeable far distance from each other. These not only are very disturbing but their unusual appearance makes embracing for the sufferer.

4. Null Breast alterations during puberty: It is a known fact that a female faces breast alteration at the time she reaches her puberty. However, in the cases where no such visible alterations are found. They remain the same as before granting a clear indication about the occurrence of the disease.

5. Small in appearance: The term tubular breast syndrome emerged from the tubular appearances of the breasts of the female who is suffering from this condition. The breasts look tubular and real small in size under this condition.

6. Unaltered breasts during/after pregnancy: In usual cases the breast size of women gets enlarged during the pregnancy period. However, similar thing doesn’t happen at the time of pregnancy when the woman is also suffering from hypoplasia. Moreover, there is no engorgement in breasts after giving birth to the baby of the sufferer.