There is a distinct feeling of discomfort and insecurity if you have large breasts compared to your body and most women with large chests undergo this discomfiture. Depending upon your level of inconvenience and the amount of effort that you are willing to chip in, various steps can be followed to reduce your breast size or at least make it appear.

shed embarrassment, reduce your breast sizeNatural Ways to Reduce Breast Size

  • Do not use any self induced methods to enlarge your breasts naturally. Do not take birth control pills, instead go for copper IUD. Pregnancy and breast feeding are also two reasons but are unavoidable scenarios.
  • You need to lower your calorie intake as compared to the activity that your body undertakes. You don’t need to starve, just lower the food intake and increase the physical activity by a little amount. For this there are ample sites online to calculate your calorie intake, but remember that this calorie reduction is not a permanent affair. When you reach your goal balance both of them equally.
  • Improve your eating habits by registering to a healthy diet. Decrease the unhealthy portions from the diet and replace them with nutritionally rich food. Include healthy food like spinach, fish, broccoli, lentils and eggs. It is recommended to skip fruits and instead double the intake of all kinds of vegetables. Salt, sugar, trans-saturated fats should be drastically lessened. Stay away from chips, soda, butter and ice cream.
  • It is advised to eat small portions throughout the day and never stuff yourself. Always keep little space in the stomach and never fill your plate to the brims.
  • Move out of that couch and engage in more and more physical activities and all of it can be made to fit in your normal schedule. Walk whenever you can, take the staircase, park your car farther down. Also you can use the ball to sit on instead of the chair, stand as much as possible.
  • Exercise as much as you can. Take 10 min breaks to do push ups and pull ups, squat and all the accessory free activities that can be incorporated in your normal day to day routine. Coupled with these, 30 minutes of brisk walking should be sufficient. Always stay motivated and upbeat. Exercise and a changed lifestyle is long term and to keep with the pace engage in good music, or a friend with a similar motive.

Surgical Options to Reduce Breast Size

  • It is important to talk to your doctor and think of any surgical remedies as it could be dangerous with side-effects. If you have poor health conditions, never opt for it just for cosmetic reasons. If at all you have decided to go for it, research thoroughly and find a good plastic surgeon. It is also advisable to take two or three consultations as there are different kinds of breast reduction methods and the cost it incurs is also a serious consideration.
  • Though not a negative thought but be prepared to face any ill consequence of the surgery like distorted nipples, any scar, or the ability to breast feed ever.
  • It is a permanent procedure, so think and rethink before going for it. Make arrangements for the after care to avoid any serious infection.

Reduce Breast Size with the Right Under Garment

  • You can change your bra pattern to a sports one, they help you to look flattened and control painful movements. You can also use a Spanks or a chest binder that will help your breasts look smaller. Wear more of fitted clothes and a good proper fitting bra to look good without attracting any looks.

You can follow the steps mentioned above to control the size of your breast. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, you can adopt the procedure and get the perfect shaped body.