Have you experienced a certain soreness and pain in your breasts which makes you extremely uncomfortable and a little annoyed? Well, this pain can definitely be scary but before jumping onto any serious conclusions it is important to know that breast pain may occur due to many reasons, most of which are not very serious.  The following is a list of the top 7 reasons of breast pain.

reasons for painful breasts

1. PMS

One of the most common reasons or causes for pain in the breasts may be PMS or pre menstrual syndrome. This happens due to a change in hormones during this time which the body tries to respond to by shifting the estrogen which leads to tenderness and swelling on the days before your period begins.  This type of breast soreness is known as cyclic pain and goes away when your period begins.

2. Increase in Workouts

Another reason for pain in breasts may be a certain increase in workouts. If you have recently started doing weights or have started a new routine at the gym, then this too could lead to breast pain. It may actually seem like breast pain but is actually the discomfort felt in the muscles underneath them.  You can take a pain killer to tackle this pain.

3. An Ill-Fitted Bra

The wrong bra can also cause some serious pain the breasts. This happens when the bra or the cup size is small for you or when the underwire pushes against your breasts. Also, if you are not wearing a well supporting bra, then your boobs may move up and down and this too could lead to pain.

4. Lumpy Breast Tissue

Another common reason for breast pain is having lumpy breast tissue. Bumpy or uneven breast tissue is characterized by fluid filled cysts which may become more sensitive during hormonal changes. This may not particularly be linked to breast cancer.

5. Too much Caffeine Intake

Some studies suggest that taking in too much of caffeine through any sources including tea and coffee could also lead to painful breasts. If your breasts feel particularly lumpy and you are in a habit to have 3 or more cups of coffee or tea in a day, then you must talk to your doctor about cutting down the intake.

6. Lifting Something Heavy

If you have recently lifted something heavy like a heavy bag or furniture, then this too could lead to pain the breasts. This may happen because you may have strained your pectoral muscles and again, the soreness may be actually there right underneath your breasts but may feel like breast pain itself.

7. Costochrondritis

This is a type of an arthritis pain which occurs right underneath the breasts, in the middle of the chest where the ribs and the breast bone are connected. This condition may occur due to many reasons and some of them include poor posture and even aging.  Those who experience this may complain of a burning sensation in the breasts.

If you experience continuous pain in breast over a long period then visit your doctor for proper examination.