If you are someone who is concerned about the slight unevenness among your breasts, then you are not the only one.  Most women have slight differences in the size and shape of their breasts and this asymmetry is not something we must be concerned about.

Breast asymmetry is so common that even some popular celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence have opened up about it. However, a great variation in the boobs may be something to worry about and get checked. Also, sudden changes in breast size or shape may be something that may need to be checked. There can be many common reasons for breast asymmetry and the following is a list of the common ones.

breast asymmetry

1. Normal Anatomic Variations

It is important to know that most of our body parts are not symmetrical and this is not something to worry about. Whether it is a woman’s eyebrows, ears, eyes or feet, there are some differences and the same is true for breasts as well. Unless your breasts grew uneven after puberty, there may not be much to consider yourself going through a problem.

2. Hormonal Changes During Puberty

Another common reason for breast asymmetry is the changes that occur in the hormones during the time of puberty. During this phase in a woman’s life, the hormone changes may cause one breast to start growing before the other one does and this can cause an asymmetry.  This may seem odd and you may always find it annoying, but medically, this is not something which you must worry about.

3. Breast Lumps

A breast lump is a growth of tissue which develops within your breast. While breast lumps can be cancerous, most of them are simply caused by a variety of benign conditions which are non cancerous. In some of the cases, breast lumps are just cysts or fluid filled sacs which in most cases are non cancerous. Breast lumps can also be caused due to fibrocystic breasts, which is a condition that may make a woman’s breast to feel rope like or lumpy.  This too is common however any persistent breast pain should definitely be checked by your doctor.

Another type of a breast lump is known as fibroadenoma which happens in the case of girls and women under the age of 30.  These are non cancerous breast tumors which may differ on the basis of shape and size, and can be surgically removed.

4. Breast Cancer

Another serious reason for the unevenness between the breasts is breast cancer. It may sound terrifying however this is the rarest cause of this condition and it is highly unlikely for your breasts to be asymmetrical due to cancer. If your breasts have always been lopsided, then this may not be the reason however if they have suddenly begun to become different in size, then this may be a cause of worry. If you notice this sudden change, then it is better to talk to your gynecologist and get a test done to detect the real cause.