In many cases women tend to overlook the signs of breast cancer in women. While there are some that are simply in denial, in some cases the ignorance is caused by cultural beliefs, thinking that the condition is incurable, so why go there.

Sudden weight loss

Almost any woman would be happy to see that she has lost several pounds in a month, but in case you haven’t been working out and you didn’t decrease your food intake either, you should most definitely get checked out because it could be a breast cancer sign.signs of breast cancer in women

Sudden weight loss points towards cancer unless it is proven otherwise. In such cases it is very likely for your doctor to perform tests regarding the thyroid and also to ask for a CT scan of several organs. In this situation he or she will have to know which illnesses don’t affect you, one at a time.

Lump as breast cancer sign in women

In case you observe that you have a lump in your breast or in your underarm that doesn’t disappear after your period, this could be considered to be the first visible symptom of breast cancer. Usually the breast lumps are painless, but in some cases they could cause a prickly sensation. These lumps become visible on a mammogram long before they can be sensed in any other way.

Swelling as breast cancer sign in women

Although you might not find a lump, you could observe a swelling in the armpit.

Pain – As it has been mentioned before, lumps aren’t painful, but they could be signs of breast cancer in women in case you feel pain or tenderness in your breast.

Change in the breast – The shape of the breast could change, meaning a noticeable flattening or indentation. This points towards a tumor that cannot be seen or felt.

Other changes as signs of breast cancer in women

In case you observe any other kind of change regarding your breasts, including a change in the size, texture, contour or temperature, they may be signs of breast cancer in women. Not to mention that a reddish pitted surface, such as the skin of an orange could also indicate the same diagnosis and in this case most probably we are talking about an advanced breast cancer.

Nipple showing breast cancer signs in women

A change in the nipple could mean the same diagnosis. An indrawn or indented look, burning or itching sensation or ulceration all point towards breast cancer. In case you observe the scaling of the nipple you could be thinking about Paget’s disease, that is a kind of localized cancer.

Discharge as one of the breast cancer signs in women

If there is any kind of discharge from the nipple – clear, bloody or of any other color, you should get yourself checked out. It may be caused by a benign condition, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Skin showing signs of breast cancer in women

Sometimes the skin could also indicate breast cancer, especially in case it looks like marble.