Women who have undergone surgery for breast cancer, and have subsequently had breast reconstruction surgery, report to being more pleased with their silicone implants rather than saline implants says a new study.

silicone implantsThere has been some controversy surrounding silicone implants, since the worry of leakage and consequent health problems is a worry.

The apprehension of cancer and rheumatoid arthritis is connected to silicone implants, however in 2006, the ban against these implants was lifted by the FDA when it was concluded that the implants do not cause any major illness.

Dr. Colleen McCarthy, a reconstructive surgeon at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York and her colleagues surveyed 472 patients who had undergone reconstructive surgery after breast cancer.

They found that the women who had received silicone implants were, on the whole more pleased and satisfied with the feel and look of their implants.

Women reported that the silicone implants looked better and felt more natural. Wrinkling can be an issue with both kinds of implants; however silicone tends to wrinkle less.

Women reported to feeling less satisfied with their implants as time went by however – problems such as formation of scar tissue and hardening of the tissue around the nipple, asymmetry between the breasts and so on were reported.