A recent study published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention has consolidated findings from previous studies that have indicated that obesity and inactivity raises breast cancer risk among women.

breast cancer riskIt has been found that among very obese women there is a 39% higher risk of cancer relating to estrogen and 35% higher risk of contracting triple negative breast cancer.

It isn’t just estrogen but also other factors that determine why having a sedentary lifestyle raises risk of breast cancer.

Triple negative breast cancer responds poorly to treatment and is generally seen to have fewer women recovering from it.

This confirms the long held belief that carrying extra weight can increase breast cancer risk, particularly in post menopausal women and also the fact that getting more active can help a woman decrease the breast cancer risk.

The study found that women who were most physically active had a 23% lower chance of developing triple negative breast cancer and a 15% lower risk of contracting estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer.

It would seem that there are constantly new reasons being unearthed why women need to take charge of their lives by becoming more physically active and incorporating regular exercise in their daily regime; breast cancer is just one of those reasons.


  1. There is a history of breast cancer in my family. Fortunately, it has not affected me, yet. However, I do try my best to stay active.
    I’m not overweight; I have managed to stay at the same weight through 23 years of marriage. However, I’ve never really enjoyed physical activity, but my husband is an avid bodybuilder and continually reminds me to make sure I am staying physically active, also.

    Although I have had rheumatoid arthritis, as well as a total knee replacement of the left knee, I still manage to walk a lot, as well as do some light weight training exercises at home on a fairly regular basis.

    I want to encourage all women to be sure to make the getting of some physical exercise a priority in their lives.

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