Recent research unveiled at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium in early December has indicated that multivitamins could be linked to reduced breast cancer relapse and reduced chances of the disease causing death.

multivitaminsIn the study, it was found that people who took multivitamins with minerals were 29 to 31 percent less likely to have the cancer recur and 22 to 27 percent less likely to die from the disease, depending on when they took the vitamins after diagnosis.

However, scientists warn that there is no causal link between breast cancer relapse and taking vitamins, however that the link does in fact exist due to other reasons.

This finding could owe itself to other reasons, such as the propensity of certain women who have a healthier diet and exercise – the same women who are more likely to look after their health by also taking multivitamins.

This is indicative of a pattern of behavior that is likely to protect women from a relapse and help them live longer as well.