Recent research has suggested that those women who take a calcium supplement and a multivitamin supplement could have lowered breast cancer risk.

It is suggested that rather than any particular vitamins, it is likely that the interactions between the different vitamins is what is responsible for the lowered risk.

multivitaminsSo rather than a single vitamin, multivitamins reduce the risk. Earlier studies have indicated that Vitamin E and Vitamin C are seen not to increase protection against cancer.

It was seen that those women that took calcium supplements were able to repair their DNA, which is a function that is very important for limiting cancer risk.

The calcium supplement takers were able to reduce their risk of developing tumors by 40%, those that took multivitamins decreased risk by 30%.

So should you start to pop those supplements right away? Not yet would be the answer. This was a very small study, and it did not take into account any deficiency or the subjects’ levels of calcium and vitamins to begin with. The results were tabulated based on questionnaires and though the results are interesting, they cannot yet be said to be conclusive.

Source: Newzfor