It is usually the case that when celebrities emerge triumphant from a cancer, they provide encouragement and inspiration to a lot of other folk to fight their disease and emerge victorious. The news of Jane Fonda recently undergoing breast cancer surgery should serve a similar purpose.

breast cancer surgeryThe 72 year old fitness queen who became world famous because of a number of fitness videos that are hugely popular, underwent a routine mammogram some weeks ago when a small lump was detected in her breast.

The actor cum fitness guru quickly opted for surgery to remove the tumor in her breast, and is reported to be fine now.

Jane Fonda was lucky in that her tumor was detected at an early stage, before it could spread or cause other damage. Since this was a non invasive kind of tumor, the actor will not require any further treatment.

She is now fine after her surgery and will continue to carry on work to promote her new fitness DVD. According to her spokesperson, she is 100% cancer free now and is free to carry on with her life and usual activities.