According to surveys carried on different groups of women, it is seen that one out of every 9 women gets the disease. However, only a third of such women self check their breast. Early diagnosis is very important for any type of cancer. In fact, all women should know how to check for breast cancer. Self examination method is recommended in women who have reached their 20s.

How to check for breast cancer by yourself

It is essential for every woman to know how to check for breast cancer. Follow these steps to check for breast cancer:

With arms relaxed on both sides

How to Check for Breast CancerOne should stand in front of the mirror and undress themselves waist up in a room which is well-lit. The arms should be kept relaxed at the sides.

The mirror should be used to diagnose and analyze whether or not there are any changes in shape, position and size of both the breasts. The skin around the breast should also be scrutinized.

The things one should be wary about are dimpling, puckering, sores and discoloration. The nipple should also be well examined in this position. Often the skins around nipple peel and there are changes in the direction of nipples. Sometimes the nipples feel sore. It is essential to keep an eye on such changes.

With hands on hips

After the hands have been placed firmly on the hips, one should try and tighten their chest muscle. The subject should then move from side to side to examine any type of abnormalities in their breast.

Bending over

After bending over towards the mirror, one should roll the shoulders and the elbows to tighten their chest muscles again. Even though the breast will fall forward, it is possible to diagnose change of shape and contour of the breast in this position.

The subject can also clasp their hands behind the head and press the hands forward, so that they can inspect their breast as they move from side to side. This position is ideal to check the underside of the breasts and its borders. If it is not possible then one should lift the breasts upward using their hands.

How to check for breast cancer in your nipples? The thumb and the forefinger should be used to check the surrounding areas of the nipples. This is done to ensure if there is any abnormal discharge.

In shower

How to check for breast cancer or feel for lumps in the breast when you are in shower? At this time, the hands are wet and also slippery with soap, so it is easier to investigate if there are any lumps or thickening in the breasts or underarms. This method should be repeated to test out the collarbone. Hands should be laid flat and pressed against the breast to analyze.

Lying down

A pillow or a small towel should be used with the left hand placed on the breast with fingers flat and together. This step should be repeated with the right hand and the other breast. Using a lotion should help to feel changes both in the breast and the nipples.