Have you ever heard anyone ask ‘how do you get breast cancer?’ A common answer which is usually given by people is that bras are responsible for causing breast cancer. Studying breast cancer is a challenging issue and it does not have any particular reason. However, women may face certain risks of breast cancer which have been arrived upon after years of study and research.

Contrary to the contents of the ‘chain’ letters, the risks of implants, underarm deodorants and bras have to be scientifically ascertained to be potential causes of breast cancer.

Have you wondered how do you get breast cancer?

How Do You Get Breast CancerBras as a common cause of breast cancer were mentioned in 1995 in a study which claimed that bras had a favorable link with the incidence of breast cancer.

However, the study led to a common problem which is observed in scientific fields: the association of causation with correlation.

The number of women who were involved in the research was nominal to elicit a meaningful conclusion regarding whether bras led to the development of breast cancer as well as a higher incidence of breast cancers in women using bras that could be insinuated to various aspects. According to the study, 4700 American women across 5 major cities were taken.

Another supplement was an experiment of ladies in Fiji. The rates of cancer were high in American women than of those in Fiji. The researchers erred by taking this as a conclusion – women in America wore bras than their Fijian counterparts. However, if the question ‘how do you get breast cancer’ is asked in this regard, it will be found that the women in the Fiji Islands are free of the ample risk factors for developing breast cancer.

White women are more susceptible to the condition on account of their urban lifestyle and exposure to different kinds of pollutants.

There cannot be a fixed reason for being responsible for breast cancer. However, the common risk factors include race, gender, age, genetic mutations, and family history. Women with kids are more likely to be exempted from the disease. Another answer to ‘how do you get breast cancer’ may be obesity, alcohol abuse, and a bad exercise regime and hormone replacement therapy.

In the innumerable studies encompassing so many women all over the world, bras of various styles were not associated with breast cancer.

Different scientists are of the opinion that toxins in the environment may significantly contribute to different kinds of cancers. So, if someone asks you ‘how do you get breast cancer’, you may state this as a probable cause. If you want to avoid the disease, you ought to live healthy especially if the risk is high.

If there are any concerns, feel free to discuss the matter with your physician. While bras may not be directly responsible for breast cancer, you may opt not to wear one owing to other factors. If you are uncomfortable wearing a brassiere, you may get a customized fit for you. Women often experience problems in determining the right size.