Breast cancer, if left untreated, will surely be fatal. Therefore, treatment to fix the cancer is the most important task a person with this disease can take to preserve their life.

Surgery is the most common form of treatment to help save a person from breast cancer.

In the beginning, lymph nodes are removed to determine whether they contain cancer cells. This can determine future options when it comes to breast cancer

If a breast-conserving surgery is used, the portions of the breast which contain cancer are removed while leaving the whole of the breast intact.

A lumpectomy is when a portion of the breast that has a lump will be removed, while a partial mastectomy is where the part of the breast that has breast cancer will be removed, as well as a small portion of the untouched cells around this area.

Advanced treatments of surgery will have a total mastectomy, where the entire breast that has cancer will be removed. This will help to remove cancer from the body but also is a dramatic change in the body.

More advanced forms of a mastectomy will remove even more of the area around the chest, hoping to isolate the cancer in the area which is removed.