When women get affected by breast cancer, they are wondering why it had to be them and they forget about the millions of other women who are struggling with the same condition.

The celebrities have their own stories regarding the illness, and they all managed to move on.

Celebrity Breast Cancer Survivors

1. Christine Applegate

We all know that she is a mother now, but she still stated that she has been talking about cancer more than anything else in the world. At some point she thought that it was the only thing that defined her. However now that she became a mother she saw that the child has healing powers in many different ways.

2. Cynthia Nixon

She is best known for her role in the series Sex and the City. She kept her illness a secret for two years and she talked about it only after her diagnosis and treatment. Her mother has been affected by the same condition, and so she started getting checkups quite early. Because of this the doctors managed to find the tumor at an early stage.

3. Sheryl Crow

The singer has been diagnosed having the condition in 2006 after a routine checkup. She received treatment as a result of early discovery and since she has been living life to the fullest: she adopted two children, launched a clothing line and even opened a screening lab in L.A.

4. Kylie Minogue

According to some people she is the most inspirational breast cancer survivor of them all. She has been diagnosed in 2005 and since the world found out about her condition a lot of women become aware of the illness and they started having regular checkups.

She also adds that early discovery is very important and she is pleased to hear that more and more young women become interested in the matter.

5. Jaclyn Smith

The doctors have found a lump in her breast in 2002 during a regular checkup and she received radiation and a lumpectomy in the following period. Since her illness she recovered entirely and she is living her life to the fullest, making guest appearances in different shows such as Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit.

6. Olivia Newton-John

She was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 1992. This determined her to become more active in the breast cancer campaigns and she is promoting awareness among women. She wishes to build a cancer center that would have her name.