Recent research into breast (breast cancer types) in pregnant women found that these mothers are not in increased danger of death compared to other women with breast cancer, and that it is the younger women who suffer higher rates of aggressive cancer leading to death.

Although development of cancer in pregnant women is difficult to treat due to the risks for the baby and the mother, researches have found that maternity does not necessarily worsen the effects of cancer.

Pregnant women with cancer can be treated effectively without further damaging consequences.pregnancy

The study established that the risks of cancer spreading and recurrence as well as the rates of survival were equal in both pregnant women and non-pregnant ones.

The fact that cancer seemed to be at a more advanced stage in pregnant women was probably due to the fact that the apparent breast changes were thought to be caused by their pregnant state, therefore neglected.

Although the treatment of breast tumours in pregnant women is a delicate process, for radiation cannot be used due to the damage it may cause the baby, there are many effective remedies, such as ultrasonic treatment, cancer chemotherapy and surgery, which will not affect the womb.

It is however a complicated situation whose outcome will depend on how serious the cancer is, but if diagnosed at an early stage, can be successfully treated without side effects for the foetus.