There is more and more research being done that point to the foundations of illness and disease being laid very early on in life. You may get cancer much later in life, but the reason for that cancer could be poor dietary habits early on in life; as early as your teens.

It has been found that women who were seen to be eating a lot of soy and soy based products such as soy nuts, soy milk edamame and tofu significantly reduced their risk of getting breast cancer later in life. Also active teens that exercise regularly and keep it up as they grow older are less at risk of developing cancer.

A diet high in fiber and nuts when in teens is seen to significantly reduce risk of breast cancer for women later in life. The Mediterranean diet it also thought to be beneficial for health and to cut health risk.

Typically this diet is rich in fruit and vegetables and also includes substantial amounts of fish and red wine (or grape juice in the case of teenagers).

Taking a multivitamin supplement is seen to boost general health and fill in any nutritional gaps that one’s diet may have left. In this way a multivitamin can also help maintain good health and guard against disease.