As we know, early detection is the key to effective breast cancer cure and arming oneself with all the information about breasts is therefore of vital importance.

Breast HealthLearn more about breast health and about what these symptoms relating to breast health mean.

1. Nipple discharge that is not pregnancy or breast feeding related could be of several different types and could mean a benign Papilloma (a non cancerous tumor), a hormonal imbalance or a drug reaction or an infection; and in some cases could be a symptom of breast cancer.

So any nipple discharge not related to pregnancy should be reported to a doctor.

2. Breast augmentation surgery will not interfere with breast feeding generally speaking, however there is much else that you should know – 20% of breast implants need to be adjusted by further surgery and as many as 30% of implants are in danger of rupturing later in life.

3. Surgery can cause sagging and ligament damage and in some cases could cause damage to milk ducts. Another problem that can be caused by breast implants is that breast cancer may become more difficult to detect. So consider all the pros and cons about breast implants.

4. Can exercise tone breasts? Breasts consist of fatty tissue and not muscle so you cannot ‘tone’ or ‘tighten’ with exercise. However doing certain chest exercises can help tone the surrounding muscles, giving that extra bit of perkiness.

5. Why do breasts get sore just before and during the period? Hormonal changes mean that not just the breasts but one’s mood changes, one experiences cravings and cramps and other symptoms.

6. Can women have more than two nipples? It may seem an extraordinary thing, but men as well as women can have up to 6 nipples though it is rare. They can look like skin tags or moles and are quite harmless.