In one of our earlier posts, a commentator had requested information about resources for breast cancer, and from time to time, our research to seek information or to cross check facts has led us to some of the following sites and resources:

  • is a comprehensive site that gives you detailed information to patients, family, friends, survivors, for caregivers and health information seekers, for professionals as well as donors and volunteers. In this write up, you can read about why it is so very important to detect breast cancer early, which is the best chance one has of being able to beat the disease.breast cancer
  • One of the best ways in which to detect breast cancer early is through breast self exam; and this is best done by carrying out systematic and regular breast self exams. The Breast Self Exam site, gives you all the information needed to perform this all important task, including videos. It tells you what you should be looking for and guides you in what it is that you should be doing if and when you do find something that doesn’t feel quite right.
  • The National Breast Cancer site has an early detection program, which helps you assess your own personal risk factors. There is also a breast cancer risk assessment tool.


  1. I’m so glad I have found this website!I’ve been looking for good resources to learn about breast cancer.i found these to be great breast cancer resources.They helped me to know more about breast cancer.Great stuff!Thanks!

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