October is breast cancer awareness month and so this new study as appeared at a very timely juncture. A new review study published on Oct 11, 2010 in European Journal of Cancer, states that women with breast cancer need not avoid pregnancy.

breast cancer patientsIt is often the case that women delay getting pregnant and having babies due to career and other considerations.  For many of these women, breast cancer is diagnosed before they have had a chance to get pregnant. After this diagnosis having been made, these women are often advised not to get pregnant since this would negatively impact the outcome of their pregnancy.

However, an analysis of as many as 14 different studies carried out at the National Cancer Institute, Cairo University in Cairo, Egypt has shown that women with breast cancer need not be so advised.

The study found that pregnancy after a breast cancer diagnosis does not increase the risk of death. In fact the study found that breast cancer sufferers were 41% less likely to die from breast cancer if they got pregnant, as compared to those who did not get pregnant.

The findings of the study led the researchers to conclude the following – “This study confirms that pregnancy in women with history of breast cancer is safe and does not compromise their overall survival. Hence, breast cancer survivors should not be denied the opportunity of future conception.”


  1. My mom had breast cancer and I am 30 and have no baby and I’m afraid to take a breast cancer test to see if I have something similar to my mom.

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