Breast cancer in women is the malicious growth of a cancerous tissue inside the women’s breast. It is diagnosed with symptoms such as whitish discharge from the nipples or the nipples getting inverted. Besides medication, home remedies also prove to be beneficial for breast cancer.

Home remedies for breast cancer are not meant to cure the cancer completely, but it aims to destroy the cancerous tissue from further growing. To have longevity and sustainability, proper lifestyle and good eating habits are the foremost concerns.  Given below are some of the home based remedies for the breast cancer patients.

breast cancer and the associated home remedies

Intake of Garlic

Garlic is known to have good antibiotic properties which act as a powerful ingredient to kill infectious substances such as bacteria, fungus, viruses and yeast. Since garlic is rich in alkyl sulphur compounds, it is listed as the best anti-cancer agent. A person suffering from breast cancer can take garlic in her daily meals because it helps in apoptosis that is it kills the malignant cells. By producing immune cells, garlic act as a strong agent in destroying the cancerous cells.


The intake of broccoli proves to be very advantageous for the person suffering from breast cancer. Broccoli is rich in linamarase gene which is responsible for breaking down the cancerous cells into cyanide and hence removes the tumorous cells. Broccoli at home should be consumed in boiled form.


Since there is a presence of a compound called proanthocyanidins, grapes are an ideal home remedy against breast cancer. A breast cancer patient should intake minimum of 100gm grapes daily because it restricts the growth of body’s estrogen level. At home, you can take grapes in its raw form or you can even prepare a glass of grape juice.


Wheatgrass is known to have many healing properties. This healthcare grass is very beneficial for the patients suffering from breast cancer. The best ways in which you can include wheat grass in your diet it to take it in its raw form or in the form of juice. Wheatgrass has an ability to get your body rid of toxins and hence destroy the cancerous cells present.

Green Tea

A glass of green tea proves to be an ideal home remedy for the breast cancer patients. All you need to do is prepare a herbal glass of green tea by using tea leaves and boil it till it turns to half. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it an effective remedy against the treatment of breast cancer.


You can easily find lignans in the seeds of sunflower, strawberries, peanuts, cashews and flax seeds. The intake of such food items help in preventing the estrogen dependent compounds from further growing. These food items should be included in your diet chart to minimize the effects of breast cancer.


Soybean is the most important product that can be included in the breast cancer patient’s diet plan. Rich in isoflavones, soybean helps in curing the early cancerous cells.