In recent times, there has been a story circulating across the internet that women who wore bras were at “100 times greater risk” from breast cancer.

Well, thankfully we women can rest assured that this rumor is just that a rumor; a fact confirmed by Dr. Ted Gansler director of medical content for the American Cancer Society.

The claim made by the proponents of the theory is that bras allegedly prevent elimination of toxins and therefore block lymph flow.bra and breast cancer

However, Dr. Gansler clarified that this is not why breast cancer develops and described the hypothesis of bras causing breast cancer as being “scientifically implausible”.

Firstly, there is very little evidence to show that lymph drainage from breast tissue affects chances of getting breast cancer. And secondly it is quite unlikely wearing a bra in anyway impacts the lymph nodes if even minimally.

So the study that made the rather outrageous claim is quite categorically denied by a spokesman of the American Cancer Society who even said that it is unlikely that a theory such as this one (as preposterous as this one, he implied) will be tested in a real epidemiological study. And so we women may well rest assured that there is no immediate and grave need for us to go braless just yet.