According to a new study, women who are fastidious about keeping their house clean and nice smelling could be risking breast cancer.

house cleaningThe products that may be responsible for causing breast cancer are those that are commonly found in kitchen cabinets all over – deodorizing air sprays and other foams and formulations that help to clear mold from tiles and similar cleaning products and pesticides could be responsible.

The study found that those women who were seen to use air fresheners were 20% more at risk of developing breast cancer according to the journal Environmental Health.

When it came to solid air fresheners, this risk rose further – users were twice as likely to develop and be diagnosed with breast cancer.

While surface and oven cleaners are not implicated in this, it is thought to be substances such as artificial musk and detergents that are added to products to make them smell better that could be responsible for causing cancer.

The findings of the study are not indicative of requiring any kind of recall of these products nor should women blame their ill health on them just yet caution researchers. As of now, more research into this is required to be done, before it can be called conclusive.