A new study has shown that women in the UK are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer because of unhealthy lifestyles, but this really could be true for any female demographic in the world.

breast cancer riskThe study conducted through data collected by the WHO, found that a lot of the 46 thousand cases of breast cancer detected in Britain each year, could in fact be avoided.

This is possible to do by the simple expedient of drinking less alcohol, eating more healthy food and taking more exercise.

According to Professor Martin Wiseman, medical and scientific adviser for the World Cancer Research Fund, who oversaw the study, those in high income countries are more at risk of breast cancer for several reasons – they are more likely to have sedentary lifestyles, be overweight and drink alcohol.

Countries such as UK and Denmark and other high income countries have a higher breast cancer risk, but this need not be the case – simple lifestyle changes can make very significant differences.

According to Sarah Woolnough, Cancer Research UK’s director of policy as many as 50% of cancers may be able to be prevented by lifestyle changes such as giving up smoking, lowering alcohol consumption and reducing weight by exercising more and eating healthy.