Before thinking about breast cancer early detection methods, you should know that this condition is the most common type of cancer among women in the U. S. More than 182,000 women are affected by the cancer on a yearly basis.

The chances of a woman being affected by it are one in eight. The key of the condition’s treatment is early detection.

Guidelines of early detection methods of breast cancer

breast-cancer-early-detection-methodsThe most important kind of screening for the condition is mammography. This actually is an X-ray taken of the breast. It can find the problem two years prior to the formation of the tumor.

Women over the age of 40 are at higher risks of being affected by this cancer than their younger counterparts and so they should get screened yearly.

Those women who are at higher risks should think about early breast cancer detection methods. In their case the mammograms should also be accompanied by an MRI starting at the age of 30.

Another kind of screening is clinical breast exam that is also known as CBE. During this, the doctor examines the breasts and the surrounding tissue.

Clinical breast exam

In order to find the signs of cancer by the breast cancer early detection methods the doctor checks the changes of shape or size of the breasts.

Other changes include skin changes like dimpling, rashes, or redness or other kinds of changes, such as discharge from the nipples or lumps.

The women in their 30s and 20s should think about breast cancer early detection options. In order to avoid problems they should have a CBE every 3 years as part of the regular health exam. The women over the age of 40 should have an exam of this kind once a year.

Breast self-exam

When it comes to breast cancer early detection methods it may be a good idea to do a self-exam every month starting at the age of 20. The advantage of this method is that this way you can get familiar with your own breasts and you will notice the possible changes immediately.

However these self-exams shouldn’t take the place of other early breast cancer detection solutions. They don’t equal the mammograms or the CBEs. If you would like to know how to perform correctly a self-exam, you should ask your doctor about it during a regular exam.

Risk factors

There are some risk factors that increase your chances of being affected by the problem. If you have these, you should really consider the different breast cancer early detection methods. One of the risk factors is age. It is known that as you get older, your chances of cancer increase. About 80% of the cancer patients are over 50.

Another factor that you should consider regarding breast cancer early detection solutions is your personal history of the condition.

There is a lot to know about breast cancer early detection methods and the best thing to do is to have regular exams.

Early detection is indeed the best thing you can do fight the Big C. Make sure to get your doctor’s Printrunner custom business cards to get in touch with him/her easily.