Breast cancer has become a serious risk for adult women, all over the world. The reasons are plenty including unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle. The causes of breast cancer have not exactly been figured out, however some of the risk factors include aging, genetics, obesity, dense breast tissue, excessive alcohol consumption, exposure to radiation, presence of breast lumps, cosmetic implants, certain working conditions, estrogen exposure and a history of breast cancer.

breast cancer diet and exercises

This cancer type can be diagnosed and treated before it is too late. Anyhow, following healthy eating habits and doing certain physical activities can prevent the risk of breast cancer to a certain extent. Here are some of the breast cancer diet and exercises suggested to everyone, including people who have undergone treatment to avoid recurrence.

Dietary Inclusions

  • Include more fruits and vegetables

It is a known fact that to stay healthy one needs to include more fruits and vegetables in diet. These are rich in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Include some fruits to your breakfast, add more veggies to your lunch and have vegetable salads and fruit juices for dinner.

  • Eat more plant based food

Along with fruits and vegetables, add other natural/ plant based food to your diet. This includes grains and legumes. Legumes like beans and peas have a lot of fiber and protein in them so have them during lunch or dinner instead of meat. Try out various snack recipes too with these plant based food.

  • Increase fiber intake

Consuming fiber is very important as it helps in keeping the digestive system in healthy phase and also helps in controlling hunger, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables can provide enough fiber to the body.

  • Limit the consumption of fat and sugar

Fat can not only lead to weight gain but also contribute to breast cancer occurrence. It is recommended to replace high fat food such as dairy products with their low fat forms. Sugar consumption also has to be cut down, as it gives out a lot of empty calories.

Physical Activities

Physical activities can be anything including climbing stairs or brisk walking. You can choose anything that you would enjoy doing alone or with someone’s company. But make sure you do it for a considerable period of time to allow its effect reflect on your body. Some of the physical activities you can consider in your daily schedule include:

i. Aerobic exercises such as walking, running, swimming and cycling.

ii. Strength exercises such as weight lifts.

iii. Stretching exercises.

iv. Playing outdoor games such as basketball, tennis, volleyball and football.

Following these breast cancer diet and exercises not only prevent your body from breast cancer, but also keep you active and healthy.

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