When talking about women’s health there are numerous concepts that we have to take into consideration and one of them is sclerosing adenosis.

What it this? It is a female breast health issue consisting in a benign condition that causes extra tissue growth within the breast lobes. As an effect the person in question might experience recurring pain and there could also be a small but firm lump in the breast.

Sclerosing AdenosisThe lobes represent the root of the system that produces milk. Each of the lobes is made of smaller parts that are called lobules and these have the bulbs that actually produce the milk.

In case the lobules have more bulbs than they should, they are bigger.

The condition of enlarged lobules is called adenosis. If the lobules that are enlarged are pulled out of shape or distorted by scar-like fibrous tissue, people refer to it as sclerosing adenosis.

In case you observe the adenosis you should go to your doctor as soon as possible and most probably he or she will refer you to a specialist at a breast clinic for an ultrasound scan or mammogram.

It is possible not to detect the adenosis through breast self exam or clinical breast exam in case it is too small or it isn’t near the skin.

In many cases the adenosis is difficult to distinguish from breast cancer, the specialist could suggest that you get a biopsy or a smaller intervention in order to remove the area that has been affected. This is because in case of a mammogram the adenosis is associated with calcifications, like a cancerous tumor, this is why a visual exam could be misleading.

After this the removed tissue will be analyzed in the laboratory in order to confirm the diagnosis. The adenosis tissue could be found by chance during a routine mammogram or during follow up after breast surgery.

After a clear diagnosis there is no other treatment required, but you might need some painkillers in the first period after surgery.

In some cases people refer to adenosis as being a kind of tumor, but it is important to remember that in this case they are referring to a benign tumor, meaning a kind of tumor that isn’t cancerous.

A lot of people think that the sclerosing adenosis increases the risk of getting breast cancer. There is no evidence that would suggest this, but you should keep an eye out for any kind of changes and if you find anything that seems to be wrong, go back to your doctor.

In case you observe that there are irregularities in the breast structure during self examination you shouldn’t panic, but seek for the help of a specialist. He or she will know what to do. If you feel something in your breasts it is not certain that it is a tumor or sclerosing adenosis.

There can be numerous different explanations for what you find, and you shouldn’t think of it as something you have to be afraid of, worried about or stressed out about.