Women may experience bleeding from vagina owing to a diversity of reasons.

The bleeding may arise as a result of a physiologic response when they are in a menstrual cycle which is non conceptional or if it is caused by organic or hormonal issues of their reproductive system.

The vaginal bleeding may take place at any age, although it should always be investigated if encountered in kids or postmenopausal women.

Bleeding from the vagina during pregnancy can refer to any possible complication during pregnancy which should be addressed medically. Loss of blood from the vagina usually starts from the uterine lining or the endometrium.

Bleeding From VaginaOne of the main causes of bleeding from vagina may be cervical or uterine lesions. The bleeding starts from the vagina, rather than the fallopian tubes.

In the course of pregnancy, it can be, although not always, associated with the condition of being pregnant.

The blood rarely arises from the hematuria or the urinary tract, and this can be located by a majority of women. It may even indicate vaginal cancer. If it is a problem in the reproductive system, the bleeding is generally considered harmful. A common response of vaginal bleeding is the one from the uterus.

Situations when you can experience bleeding from vagina

During menstruation that occurs every month, the uterine lining disintegrates, resulting in a flow of blood. Fertile women, who have attained the age of childbearing, experience menstrual flows each month.

Another reason for bleeding from the vagina may be hormonal changes in the reproductive system. The cervical or uterine lesions may lead to bleeding. Vaginal bleeding in small amounts is common during pregnancy. This is termed as spotting. If a pregnant woman experiences heavy bleeding from the vagina, they may actually go through a complication of conception and should immediately see a gynecologist.

Certain complications during pregnancy as a result of which bleeding from vagina may occur include an abruption, rupture of the placenta, miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. In the initial stages of pregnancy, a bleeding may indicate a greater possibility of a miscarriage. In the following trimesters, the mother may grow placenta previa which is a situation wherein the placenta partly covers the cervical region. If this is the case, there can be a serious amount of bleeding.

Bleeding from the vagina may take place at any age. If the bleeding occurs in kids aged below 8 years or in postmenopausal women, you should see a physician to help evaluate the cause. At times, children may undergo an early or precocious puberty. She may experience an infection, tumor or the presence of an alien material in the vagina. Often, bleeding indicates child molestation.

If a pre menopausal woman experiences bleeding from vagina, they can still experience the menstrual cycle. Intermenstral bleeding or metrorrhagia between the cycles may even lead to bleeding. Other reasons of vaginal bleeding may comprise endometritis, cervical polyps, benign endometrial hyperplasia, benign uterine fibroids, and remains from miscarriage or delivery. Bleeding can also indicate cervical cancer.