Although a lot of women have problems, they are too shy or ashamed to talk about bladder problems in women even with their doctor. There are about ten million adults in America who have to face such problems, their majority women, and they still suffer in silence.
The women’s bladder problems include leaking urine, frequent urination caused by an overactive bladder and also some other symptoms. Some of these problems are caused by childbirth or they are a part of the aging process.

Common women’s bladder problems

The majority of women experience urinary leakage. This might happen when they exercise, cough, laugh hard or sneeze. Pregnant women usually experience urine leakage and also those women who have gone through menopause have problems controlling their bladder. Because of the sports activities, female athletes of all ages often suffer urine leakage.

Incontinence usually occurs after a sudden strong urge to urinate. This is also a bladder control problem and it may be caused by nerve damage due to diabetes, infection, stroke or other medical conditions.

There is also the mixed incontinence that is a combination of urge incontinence and stress. In this case there could be a sudden uncontrollable urge but the leakage occurs at a later time.

There may also be some mobility problems and these could cause urine leakage. In this case it is called functional incontinence. You should know that we can talk about bladder problems in women in case they have to urinate more than eight times a day.

Some other women’s bladder problems include pain in the bladder, progressively weak urine stream, the need to urinate and the inability to pass urine and the inability to empty the bladder.

Bladder Problems in Women: Overactive bladder

We can talk about an overactive bladder in case of sudden and involuntary contraction of the muscle found in the urinary bladder wall. Because of this women can feel a sudden urge to urinate. The problems that an overactive bladder could cause include social, occupational, psychological and also sexual problems. The symptoms of this women’s bladder problem is frequent urination and also the urgency to urinate.

Causes of overactive bladder

Such urinary incontinence could occur at almost any age, not only in case of older women. People should understand that bladder problems in women aren’t diseases; these are some problems that the doctors can help with.

In the same time it could also be a symptom caused by other diseases, such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, stroke, and nerve diseases. The bladder problems in women could get worse with age, injury and illness. An overactive bladder could also be a complication of a nerve or brain related disease such as Parkinson’s disease.

Some temporary women’s bladder problems can be caused by constipation or urinary tract infection. Certain kinds of medication could cause overactive bladder problems too.

In case of pregnancy it is natural to have bladder problems in women because of the hormonal changes and also the pressure exerted by the growing fetus over the urinary tract.