Myomectomy is a surgical treatment in which benign tumors are removed from uterus.

These tumors are called fibroids which are responsible for building muscular walls in uterus.

Due to these fibroids, the chances of getting pregnancy will be reduced and causes excessive bleeding and pain during menstruation.

What are the different techniques involved in myomectomy?

Various techniques are evolved for myomectomy treatment. It can be done through vaginal incision or with hysteroscopy or laparoscope and can also be done through abdominal incision.Myomectomy

Abdominal myomectomy: if there are more number of fibroids which are deeply rooted to the walls of uterus then this technique is employed. In this process, uterus is accessed with one long cut through the abdomen.

Usually horizontal incision is preferred over vertical; it depends on the presence of fibroids. Abdominal myomectomy always takes longer time to recover.

Hysteroscopic myomectomy: In this operation an instrument called resectoscope is used. Resectoscope is nothing but hysteroscope connected with a wire loop.

Using this instrument fibroids are detached through dilated cervix. When electrical energy is passed through the loop, it will set the fibroid loose, which can be removed through vagina.

Laparoscopic myomectomy: in this technique several small incisions are made to uterus through which instruments are inserted into uterus like; fiber optic camera is one of the instrument which is inserted into the uterus through a small incision.

Several instruments are used by the surgeon; fiber optic camera is one of them. The incisions are made with laser which will close the blood vessels and reduces bleeding.

Why myomectomy is done?

Myomectomy is done when fibroids are not detached by drugs. When treatment doesn’t relive you from pain and if you really want children then you can go for myomectomy.

Does myomectomy really works?

There is a possibility of getting pregnant after this surgery but it can’t be predicted that you can get pregnancy after myomectomy surgery because it is just removal of fibroids and reconstructing your uterus once again. If you have any hormonal problem then this surgery might not work.

These fibroids are regenerative. They can be built again and again in your uterus. So you should not wait for long time to get pregnant. There must not be more than 4 months gap after the surgery to get pregnant.

Important measures to be taken at home after surgery:

  • Should not stand for more than a minute and take the antibiotics given by doctor.
  • Take more rest for up to two weeks after the surgery.
  • If you find any signs of infections like swelling redness around the wound then immediately consult the doctor.
  • After two weeks of rest, walk for at least 10 minutes daily (take doctor’s advice).