Cervical cysts may be something found on a pap smear or something found during a routine exam. They are commonly known as nabothian cysts and are usually small bumps. They are relatively small and some people will not realize that they are there. Most of the time, the cysts are benign – not cancerous – and will not be harmful to you. However, there are times when they do cause a problem.

What are cervical cysts?

The cysts are generally small pimples that are filled with mucous. They sometimes form on their own and there are times when there is a small cluster of them. They are usually no larger than 10 mm but the sizes will vary, depending on the amount of fluid in them. Most of the time, a cyst will not cause a problem during pregnancy or while having intercourse but there are times that they need to be removed.

Cervical Cysts

How are the cysts caused

Most of the time, the cervical cysts will appear without a reason. They are associated with many things, including menopause and pregnancy. Unlike ovarian cysts, they are not usually formed from an egg.

There are times that when a baby is delivered naturally, the cervix will repair itself by growing more tissue. This often means that glands are covered accidentally and the mucous is trapped underneath. This will usually create lesions and the cysts will form.

As women reach the menopausal stage, there is less mucous in the body. This often leads to the cysts developing. The problem with these is that they can become infected and may need removing instead of leaving behind.

Symptoms of cysts on the cervix

A lot of the time, a woman will not realize that she has a cyst on her cervix. Many will not cause a problem or create any pain or discomfort. However, there are times that the cysts will grow and they can start to cause a problem during intercourse or just everyday life.

One of the most common symptoms of cervical cysts is pain while having sex. This is because there is friction against the small mucous filled pimple. Irregular bleeding and discharge may also be noted, especially if the cysts start to release some of the mucous or start to bleed.

Removing the cysts

Medical treatment is not always required but there are times that you will need to have your cervical cysts removed. This is usually the case when a cyst is causing some pain. This is done through an operation called a colposcopy and is very similar to a pap smear. However, a magnifying glass is usually used to help the doctor see the cervix clearly.

There are times that a biopsy will need to be done. This is usually the case if the cyst looks abnormal. The majority of the time, the biopsy will come back to show that the small growth is benign but there are times that it will be malignant.