The fact is that women are affected differently by alcohol than men; this is true as small amounts of alcohol can have an impact. It may not be fair but it is true.

And heavy drinking is far worse for women than men. Again, not fair and we don’t really know why this is, but it is true.

woman drinking alcoholAnything over moderate alcohol use; that is one alcoholic beverage a day could have consequences that women would do well to get acquainted with:

  • Drinking in excess of moderation ups risk of high blood pressure
  • The risk of strokes is also seen to rise with women who drink in excess
  • Risk of certain cancers is also seen to rise with alcohol use.
  • More alcohol intake can increase risk of fatal injuries resulting from auto and other accidents.
  • Suicides as well as violence from strangers and family members are also linked to alcohol use

The reason that alcohol affects women more than men is that women, on the whole weight less than men, and owing to this alcohol and its toxic byproducts are seen to get  absorbed by the body systems and impact health. Women’s organs are also impacted by alcohol consumption more than men’s.