Before thinking about the advanced stage ovarian cancer symptoms you should know that this condition appears when the ovarian follicles start an uncontrollable growth.

Some time ago the cancer was detected only in advanced stages, but due to technology, now it can be noticed earlier.

Abdominal or pelvic bloating or pain as symptoms of advanced stage ovarian cancer

According to the specialists the most common symptom is abdominal pain and it can be experienced during the late stages of the cancer. Usually the pain is isolated to the pelvis. It is also possible for this symptom to be caused by the fact that the ovaries are larger than normal and they accumulate more fluids.

advanced-stage-ovarian-cancer-symptomsIf you happen to see these signs of advanced stage ovarian cancer you should make sure to address to a doctor. You should get alarmed if the pain persists for several weeks.

In the same time it is also possible to experience some abdominal bloating. This is caused by the fluids that build up in the abdomen.

Urinary urgency

If you are interested in the advanced stage ovarian cancer symptoms, you should also know about urinary urgency. The late stage of the cancer is connected to urinary changes.

These changes vary from one case to the other but usually women have to go the restroom more often.

It is another one of the advanced stage ovarian cancer signs to feel a frequent urge to urinate.

It is possible that the urinary capacity is reduced since there is a tumor pressing against the bladder. Sometimes the cancerous cells also affect the bladder.

Bowel changes

The specialists say that the advanced stage ovarian cancer symptoms also include changes in the bowel movements.

This happens because the tumor represents an obstruction for the stool that can’t pass as easily as it is supposed to. As a result the patients could be affected by constipation.

On the other hand in other cases the warning signs of advanced stage ovarian cancer include loose stools or diarrhea. These are caused by the increased contractions of the colon. As a result stool can pass a lot faster than it is supposed to. The downside is that the nutrients don’t have enough time to be absorbed.

Fatigue and exhaustion

Just as any other kind of cancer, the advanced stage ovarian cancer warning signs also include fatigue and exhaustion. However the feeling that the patients feel isn’t normal. It is a chronic kind of fatigue that doesn’t get better if the patients rest.

Other symptoms

There are some other advanced stage ovarian cancer symptoms as well, like nausea and indigestion. There are also some more rare symptoms, such as shortness of breath or vaginal bleeding in the form of heavy periods or abnormal bleeding after menopause.

As you can see there are many different kinds of advanced stage ovarian cancer symptoms. Some of them are similar to those seen in other kinds of cancer, while others a more specific, clearly indicating this type of cancer.