A vaginal yeast infection or a vaginal infection is a common problem faced by women and is something which gets cured over a few days, both with or without over the counter medication.  While prescribed medicines or drugs can work to reduce the intensity of the infection, there are many natural remedies too which can be used to get over the symptoms.

There are many vaginal infection self-care tips which can be followed at home to get rid of the infection effectively and soon. The following is a complete guide to vaginal infection self-care which you too can follow to avoid and treat the infection.

complete guide to vaginal infection self care

Eating Yogurt

One of the first and most effective ways to cure a vaginal yeast infection at home is to eat yogurt. Yogurt contains a lot of live cultures of lactobacillus acidophilus which is a natural and friendly bacteria.  Having yogurt can help prevent the yeast infection from occurring again.


Another self-care method to treat a vaginal infection is to take supplements that contain lactobacillus acidophilus.   This method will ensure that the infection goes and does not come back.

Avoid Wearing Tight Clothes

In order to care for yourself when the vaginal infection hits you is to avoid wearing tight-fitting pants.  It is important to wear cotton panties and not silk or net ones so that the body and especially that region of the body is allowed to breathe.  Yeast grows in a moist and warm environment and hence things must be kept dry and airy down there. So watch what you wear and which fabrics you use.

Nonprescription Vaginal Creams

Another effective ways to treat a vaginal infection is to use nonprescription vaginal creams.  These creams have to be inserted into the vagina by making use of a plastic applicator and help to cure the infection.  You can also consider taking dissolvable tablets or suppositories which are over shaped medication doses that can be inserted into the vagina.

Use Water to Clean the Vagina

It is important to avoid using soap to clean the vaginal region when a yeast infection occurs.  It is rather better to rinse using water alone to clean yourself daily. Wipe the vaginal area dry with a dry and clean towel.

Soak in a Warm Bath

A lot of people make the mistake of bathing in a hot bath but to care during a vaginal infection, it is better to soak in a warm bath and not a hot one.

Avoid Douching

A female must avoid douching during a vaginal infection as it can worsen the vaginitis symptoms because it tends to remove all the healthy bacteria which lines up the vagina.  This bacteria helps to protect against the infection and hence is important.

Also, one must avoid using any kind of hygiene sprays and fragrances.  One must also use pads instead of tampons during the infection as tampons can further worsen the infection.  Blood sugar levels must be kept under control if you have diabetes.