Being a woman, it is very essential for you to know right information about health and make wise decisions in health issues.

Most of you would tend to make health decisions based on incorrect or outdated information, which is absolutely wrong way of dealing with health problems.

However, here are some of the most common myths related to women’s health that every woman must be aware of.

  1. You can’t lose weight caused due to menopause
  2. One important thing that every woman must know is losing weight before or after menopause will not make you healthier. Many of you can gain weight during menopause(menopause weight gain) and certainly it will not be permanent. Actually, it significantly depends on your lifestyle after menopause.

  3. Sex drive reduces with age
  4. This is absolutely false impression on low libido in older women. Actually, age is no way related to sex drive in women. In fact most of the women report that they enjoy their sexual life as they become older. However, at times, fluctuations in female hormones like estrogen (estrogen levels) that take place during menopause can have certain effect on your sexual desire.

  5. STDs are not concerns for younger women
  6. Never think that STDs are not probable for younger women. It is very essential for every woman who is sexually active to take necessary measures to prevent STDs.

  7. You need 30-60 minutes exercise every day
  8. Being responsible towards family and work, every day exercises are quite challenging task for many of you. But, it is not true that you should get one hour to 30 minutes exercise every day compulsorily. But, be sure that you spend at least 15-20 minutes every day for exercises.

    Always remember, it is very essential for you to consult experienced doctors and your personal health care provider before making any decision regarding your health.