In this age of mobile based everything, apps are available for every activity and occasion with fitness and women’s fitness in particular. Here are some of the top health apps aimed at making the busy bees more fit and healthy. They are all available through apple istore and android version too.

1. Women’s Health Workouts

Women’s Health Workouts

The Women’s Health Workouts is an app which aims at making your body sleek and toned. It has 16 workouts and 130 exercises that make burning fat and building muscle an easy and fun filled task for you. The app also provides training trackers; timers and other fitness tracking parameters that will help you build your body in an organized manner.

2. Look Better Naked

Look Better Naked

 Reshaping your body is no joke, especially for women who have to go through the travails of giving birth. But feeling comfortable in your skin is a challenge that needs help. Makers of Look Better Naked app have understood the need for assistance and have designed an app that can customize diet and workout plans. It also features a calendar and notifies your schedule.

3. Smoothie Selector

Smoothie Selector

Smoothie making is an important step in controlling your diet. Smoothies include a lot of proteins and minerals in them and hence an indispensible part of every weight loss and muscle builder’s diet. The Smoothie Selector app is one that lets you input your fitness goals and based on this it suggests various smoothie combinations for you to choose from. The recipes come with individual nutrition information for each and give you a complete break up of what it is made of.

4. Slim Down Shopping List

Slim Down Shopping List

Planning and preparing your own diet is a great way of taking control of your health and fitness goals. In this direction the grocery list is what you need to stick to. If you stock your pantry with the right items then you get to eat only what is available. Using the Slim Down Shopping List, it is easy to find the right ingredients for your pantry in no time. The app gives a complete listing of over 240 packaged foods that are ready to eat.

5. Hot Body Yoga

Hot Body Yoga

The app gives simple yoga exercises devised by fitness experts and helps build energy and stamina in the body. Trying these exercises can definitely add to your fitness goals in addition to making your body mentally strong and increasing your mental capacity to beat the blues.