In modern times it is the decision of women whether they would like to keep a child or not. However, there are some people who are against abortion and sometimes they have the power to pass laws against abortion measures. This is the case of Texas where the strictest measures have been adopted, despite of the resistance of the abortion-rights supporters.

What does the bill mean?

According to the new bill, no woman is allowed to have an abortion after the 20th week of pregnancy. In the same time the abortion clinics should have the same standards as the hospital-like surgical centers. The supporters of the bill claim that the new measures will ensure the health of women.

The Strict Abortion Bill Passed By Texas LawThe supporters

Those who agree with the new bill claim that this was the final step that the lawmakers of the state had to make towards protecting life. They say that they are protecting the most vulnerable people in Texas and they are also protecting the future of the state.


While in theory the new bill may sound right, the opponents say that the measures have been taken in order to put financial pressure on the abortion clinics, forcing their majority to close their doors.

The voice of the people

While the bill has a lot of supporters, it also has numerous opponents. The opponents were wearing orange shirts at demonstrations and the supporters opted for blue shirts. The truth is that the bill was disputed before as well, but it wasn’t accepted at that time.

Acceptance and not so much

Although officially, according to the number of the votes, the bill passed, Gov. Rick Perry called a new session to reconsider it. There were a lot of symbols used during the discussions, like baby shoes and wire hangers. Representative Jodie Laudenberg said that the bill isn’t meant to put clinics out of business but rather force these clinics to consider the life of the patients before considering their profits.

The opinion of doctors

Many would say that this matter should be decided by doctors. It is interesting to add that numerous doctors opposed the bill, suggesting that the bill has no medical basis which means that it is based on a belief system that not all Texas citizens share. Even the doctors asked the government to get out of their exam rooms, leaving the medical decisions to them.