Women are often complaining about how unappreciated they are by their families and partners: shopping, nursery tasks, job tasks, walking the dog and paying the bills – it’s all in a day’s work for many women across the world. Because in most cases these things are often seen as their obligation rather than their choice of taking care of everything, many women feel that their work is taken for granted.  So there’s no wonder that this fact is taking a huge toll on women’s heart.

Recent Studies Proved One in Four Women Is Likely to Die from a Heart Condition

It is a proved fact that women often neglect their heart and develop cardiac diseases which can cause premature death. Luckily, a poll conducted by Women’s Heath, the American Health Association and Weekend Today raised awareness on the matter when came up with the result that more than 40% of women don’t worry about their heart until it’s too late.

Silent Death

Prevention is the mother of all remedies and it would prevent women from developing severe heart conditions. As one in four women die of heart diseases, which is more than the number of women who die from cancer, a proper health-care would go a long way. Cardiac problems are silent-killers and there is no sign of the illness until a stroke or a heart attack takes place. Also, many women develop heart conditions as early as their teenage years, so annual checkups could help discover and treat any problems in early stages.

A New Heart-Friendly Lifestyle

There are some easy to follow tips which can help your heart stay fit and flutter only because of love . A regular healthy diet rich in whole grains, sources of omega fatty acids like pecan nuts and salmon is needed to care for your heart and ensure its optimal function.  In the exercise department 40 minutes of exercising two or three times a week are enough to preserve your heart’s health.

Smoking also damages your heart and increases your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, so you might consider giving it up.

More than a glass of wine daily will increase your risk of heart problems. The same rule applies for caffeine and chocolate.

When is Time for a Medical Check-up

After 25 years of age all women are prone to develop heart diseases, so it’s time to make an appointment at the local doctor. Women with diabetes, over-weighted or those with frequent high blood pressure should always keep an eye on their heart and note changes in breathing, heart-rate and abnormal fatigue.

Menopause is another condition which exposes women to heart disease risk due to the hormone changes that takes place in the body.

The best way to reduce your heart illness risk at any age is to live a healthy life, stay away of food and drink excesses and reduce stress as much as possible.