The women with high body weight have to be really careful if they don’t wish to get pregnant. This is because according to a European manufacturer, the morning after pills aren’t as effective in their case as they are in case of other women. In fact, this manufacturer claims that the pills aren’t effective for the women heavier than 176 pounds and they don’t work well for women over 165 pounds.

Problems with Morning After Pill for Higher BMI Ladies


The product of this manufacturer, Norlevo, is sold in Australia, Europe, India, Canada, and other countries. The pills come with a hormone known as levonorgestrel which is also the main ingredient of a pill that can be found in the US, Plan B One Step. If this pill is taken within 72 hours of intercourse, it will prevent the fertilization of the egg.

Changing The Labels

If the new data turns out to be true, there will be need to change the labels of all the products of this kind. At the moment the FDA is doing research to assess the case of all the pills of this kind. Until this point the weight of women wasn’t taken into consideration when the pills were assessed.


The studies performed in this field show that the patches and the pills aren’t as effective in case of heavier women as they should be. A study performed back in 2011 found that heavy women are four time more likely to get pregnant than other women even if they take a second day pill.

Ulipristal Acetate

There are some other kinds of pills that come with this compound. The studies suggest that in case of this compound obese women are three times more likely to get pregnant than other women. Since this is something that affects a large part of the population, the reps of the pharma companies would like to assure women that there is still need for extensive researches and the findings until now weren’t really conclusive. The pharma companies also add that there is no way for them to replicate the studies done until this point, so they can’t really comment on them.

Although the specialists don’t have any certainty until this moment, the truth is that 11% of all women used emergency contraception at some point and they might reconsider using the pills ever again because it looks like there are some factors that could influence their effectiveness that weren’t taken into consideration until now.