Consumption of probiotics can help women lose weight and stay fit, was the conclusion of a medical study conducted by Professor Angelo Tremblay. Probiotics are live microorganisms that usually reside in human digestive system. They are the “good parasites” and help us fight diseases and balance our weight. Probiotics are found in dairy products, especially in yogurt.

Probiotics May Help Control Weight Gain for Women

Specific Microorganisms are Linked to Obesity

Studies conducted by Professor Tremblay showed a different type of intestinal flora in people, according to their weight. This difference is due to different types of diet: a low fiber and rich carbs diet promotes some type of microorganisms over others. This inverted balance is linked to weight gain and obesity.

Testing the Hypothesis on Human Subjects

Professor Tremblay and his research team went on to test their theory on 125 obese men and women. For 12 weeks the study group was supposed to lose weight and during 12 more weeks to maintain their weight. For the first 12 weeks everyone took 2 pills a day; half of the subjects were given probiotics and the other half simply took placebos.

The Results of the Study

After the first 12 weeks the women on probiotics lost 4.4kg while the placebo group lost about 2kg. On the other hand, there were no differences in male’s group. Scientists don’t know yet why probiotics didn’t have any effect on men, but they suspect it could be due to a dosage issue.

Apart from losing more weight, women on probiotics continued to lose weight in the 12 weeks when they should have maintained their new weight.

Apart from the visible changes in weight, women on probiotics experienced a drop in leptin hormone, in charge with appetite regulation.

The Conclusion

To put it straight, women on probiotics pill lost twice as much weight as their placebo counterpart. The number of intestinal microorganisms linked with obesity decreased in this group. Researchers concluded that probiotics may prevent certain chemical reactions and alter the intestinal wall’s permeability. This process can prevent a number of molecules to enter the blood and thus, prevent glucose intolerance, type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Professor Tremblay use in his study a probiotics root found in European dairy products, but thinks that roots found in North-American dairy have the same effect. However, he advises on a healthy diet of low fat and enough fibers for the probiotics to act effectively.