The truth is that pregnancy is a funny thing. It can bring more surprises than the majority of people would have thought. According to the latest studies, the women who have preeclampsia during their pregnancy are more likely to be affected by kidney failure at a later point in life.

Preeclampsia Linked to Increase Risk of Kidney Failure

The Study

In order for the specialists to reach this conclusion, they performed a registry-based study. It is a known fact that preeclampsia can be characterized by high blood pressure, water retention, and high protein levels of the urine. At the moment it looks like the women affected by the condition may be more prone to kidney failure after their pregnancy.

Limited Information

Although the specialists dropped the news like a bomb on the medical world, at this moment there is no way to know whether there are any other links or contributors to kidney failure. In order to be able to perform a representative study, the specialists worked with 8,362 women who gave birth during the 70s and 80s. The link of kidney failure has been found by the United States Renal Data System and each case had two controls.

The Results

The specialists have found 20 cases of kidney failure, which they analyzed. Generally speaking, the diagnosis has been made at the age of 52.  The specialists claim that the women who get affected by preeclampsia are more likely to be affected by end stage renal disease as well.


Nonetheless, we have to add, that if the specialists adjust for hypertension and diabetes, the findings won’t be representative anymore. In order to be certain that the findings of this study are relevant, there is need for a larger study which works with more participants and that takes into consideration a wider range of possible links between pregnancy and the renal condition.

Future Plans

According to the specialists, their studies won’t stop here; they are thinking about having a larger scale study in order to prove their previous conclusions.

As we can see, the specialists will always be interested in the miracle of life and they will always be looking for new ways to decrease the chances of women of having different kinds of health conditions because of their pregnancy or anything else connected to having a baby. You can rest assured that in our days the doctors know a lot more about handling pregnant women than they did in the past.