According to the latest studies in the field, the women who have sugary drinks on a regular basis have higher chances of being affected by endometriosis after menopause. In fact, estrogen dependent cancer type I is the most common kind of endometrial cancer.

Post Menopause Endometrial Cancer Risk Increased by Sugary Drinks

Statistical Data

This kind of cancer is also known as uterine cancer. According to official information about 50,000 women are affected by this kind of cancer every year and almost 9,000 women die because of it. In the majority of the cases the problems arise after the age of 55.

What do the Scientists have to say?

The specialists claim that this is the first study of this kind. They claim that it is just natural for the women who have sugary drinks to have higher chances of developing estrogen dependent type I cancer but not type II. Some other studies have shown that consuming drinks of this kind may lead to obesity.

The Relationship Between Obesity and Cancer

The obese women usually have higher insulin and estrogen levels than their counterparts with normal weights. Both the high insulin and estrogen levels represent risk factors for uterine cancer. The specialists also add that, while their study may resemble some other studies, this is the first one to ever link endometrial cancer to sugary drinks.

The Process

In order to reach their conclusions, the specialists gathered data about 23,000 women. These women had to fill out a questionnaire about their habits, their medical histories and geographical profile. The questionnaire also included the FFQ questionnaire. This assesses the dietary habits of a person regarding 127 food groups over the period of 12 months.

Soft Drinks

In order to assess the habit of women of drinking soft drinks, they were categorized into different groups of people including those who never or rarely have drinks of this kind to those who have 60.5 servings in a week. Of the 23,000 women taken into consideration 506 have been affected by endometrial cancer type I and 89 by type II.

Foods Not Linked to the Cancer

The researchers also reached the conclusion that sweets, diet drinks, and starchy foods don’t seem to have any relationship with the cancer. At the moment the cancer survival rate in case the cancer is found fast is of 92% in the first year and about 95% over a 5 year time horizon.

These facts might make you think twice before buying coke.