Tattoos are considered a common sight in the UK and are often viewed as representations of individuality. People have them all over their bodies, some even sport more than one tattoo on different areas. With the beauty industry (never one to fall behind on trends), it was only a matter of time before tattooing popped up in their headlights.

You’re probably already familiar with the more common “beauty-tattoos” that have come up in the past like tattooed on makeup, including lip lines and eyebrows so it is no wonder then that this craze has spread to other, more intimate parts of the human body…say hello to nipple tattooing, or commonly nicknamed ‘tittooing”.

new tattoo craze

According to the Telegraph this new beauty craze has women all over the UK signing up for nipple tattoos to darken and define their nipples. The procedure is semi-permanent and originated as a medical procedure for reconstruction of the breasts. Darker nipples have become somewhat of a fashion craze, with glamour models and page 3 girls sporting the trend.

Women opt for the procedure in order to be happier and content with their body image while some others choose to have it done to create more symmetrically similar nipples or to reconstruct the shape of them.

Despite the fact that to some people this new craze may seem ridiculous and unnecessary, it is rapidly growing in popularity in the UK and across the globe.People who are having it done come out of it feeling more confident and happy about their breasts. Clinics across the UK are offering this procedure in hopes that they can make their patients feel more confident about themselves.

In contradiction to the Telegraph article one of the leading names in cosmetic surgery MYA state that this procedure is still a very small niche in the industry and cosmetic surgery is still dominated with both breast and liposuction procedures as show in their recent procedure report.

According to the Telegraph, the procedure takes around two hours and costs £1,200 for both nipples. Tittooing aims to make the nipples look as natural as possible by using the correct ink colours in order to match individual skin tones. The results of tattooing lasts 12 to 18 months.

Women who undergo the procedure are recommended to have top-ups several weeks later to restore any fading so that the finishing results are perfect. It is a harmless procedure in terms of medical health, however it is advised to keep your future in mind as nipples can alter in size and shape during pregnancy. It is important to consider these aspects before making your mind up about tittooing.

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